Beautiful Chaos


Beauty; a notion associated with looks by the vast majority of people,
with external appearances of someone or something, which engages us in a way that makes us feel good.

If we google beauty and search ‘images’ we get page after page of airbrushed faces and make up tutorials.
It is what most would consider perfection and the path to get there. But is this all that beauty is?

To us at Beautiful Chaos, Beauty isn’t just found in the externals; it isn’t found in a face that's tweaked to perfection,
it isn’t found in an environment so polished, no light gets through the cracks;
Beauty is in life itself - and this is BEAUTIFUL CHAOS . 
It’s in authenticity, in culture, in the faces of the people who are really living it, the food they eat,
the music they listen to and in all of this, the story they tell.

And the best way to see this beauty, is to travel.

Beautiful Chaos is a wondrous, adventurous journey, which takes it’s audiences experientially to some of the most beautiful,
unknown and remote parts of the world and to experience the beauty of it in all of it’s chaos.

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