WHAT: Limfjorden Oyster Safari
WHERE: Limfjorden, Denmark
WHEN: Anytime


Wading 3 feet deep in the cold waters of Limfjorden, is where this safari commences.

You'll hunt for oysters in the crystal clear waters, scooping up your findings in steel nets.

You then set up a table and fold out chairs in the water,  shuck your oysters and garnish appropriately; my fav freshly grated horseradish but also ponzu sauce, sherry vinegar, shallots and dill oil.

These rare flat oysters from Limfjorden  are spectacular on their own and don't really need any garnish.

Oysters from Limfjorden, from a shallow sound in the northern part of Denmark's Jutland peninsula are rated among the best in the world and these waters are home to the largest remaining wild population of European flat oysters,  also known as Colchester natives, Whitstable oysters or Belons rounder, flatter and have a golden hue on the inside, unlike the  teardrop-shaped Pacific oysters, the European natives are

I'd take a pacific mother of pearl or a Scandinavian pretty golden hue with my oysters any day.