Nestled in a lush forest in Chile, the hot spring spa known as Termas Geometricas is a stunning Japanese inspired red maze of planks that wind through the trees like something out of an ethereal Japanese wonderland. Suspended over a flowing stream, the red walkways leading to the various pools are made entirely of painted wood that stands out in stunning contrast to the surrounding forest.

There are 17 pools in total, each of them fed directly from a natural hot spring via wooden pipes that run beneath the walkways.
Next to each pool is a small hut/changing room made of the same redwood as the paths. Each hut has grass planted on the roof,
giving the whole facility a true natural feel.

The spa rests at the bottom of a canyon as and mist ascends from the warm waters creating the most surreal bathing experience.
Between the Japanese-styled architecture and the Chilean nature, few places in the world are truly such a unique, natural experience.